Coating pipes 

Turn Key Pipeline Services B.V. is a supplier of complete coating solutions for pipes used to transport gas, water or oil. Our customers are the major oil and gas companies, pipe mills, and oil and gas contractors.

TKPS have supplied equipment around the globe. With many successful projects in North America, Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia we are truly a global partner.

Experts in Pipeline coatings

Based on our long experience we can offer solutions for all coating types:

Single & Dual FBE Coating
3 Layer Coating (Polyethylene and Polypropylene)
Multi-Layer Coatings
Concrete Weight Coating
Syntactic Polyurethane Coating
Foam Insulation
Internal Flow Coating
Internal FBE Coating for drill pipes and compressor pipes
Internal FBE Coating for large diameters

Let the projects section of our website convince you of the experience we have for your coating requirements!

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